We find super-talented humans

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We do it in three ways



Authentically tapping into our networks, communities and influencers we ensure you reach diverse audiences. 



Working with you, we design online and face to face recruitment programmes and events.



Our consultancy helps you to ensure that you  have everything in place to retain and nurture your talent.

We have three crafted solutions

Talent Scout

Compelling and engaging creative campaigns and targeted strategies designed specifically to reach and attract diverse talent.

Talent Campus

Recruitment events and programmes- designed by experts to truly draw out the expertise, attributes  and experience of applicants.

Talent Accelerator

Programmes designed to give your new and existing talent the behaviours, mindsets and skills to thrive in your business.

Who we've worked with

Case Studies: The Office Group 

We worked with The Office Group to connect and attract BAME entrepreneurs, under the age of 25, to their spaces.

What we did

We ran a reach campaign, designed the recruitment challenge and an accelerator programme for BAME entrepreneurs.

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Supa manifesto

We continually seek ways to enable humans to thrive!We know what happens when you start from below zero. When you are different. And the journey you are on.The world is an unjust place - YET through inclusive use of humans, tech and resources - humans flourish, organisations excel and communities prosper.

We create values-based and profitable communities. We know we are stronger together and can become unstoppable.

This is the ‘Era of Misfit ‘- the renascence of the Polymath!

This puts a new lens on what is seen as valuable in society and in turn destroys archaic value systems.

The new value system is based on the value of creativity, empathy, collaboration, communication and integrity and is vitaly multi-generational.

This is a global movement, sparking societies to pick up the tools and habits they need to have the impact they desire!!

Sparking organisations to use a new lens on how ‘value’ is represented in the authentic individuals they have and wish to have within!

This is the ‘Era of Misfit ‘- the renascence of the polymath!

Oh what a time to be Alive 🎤

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